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Hello, we are Dattos!

We develop solutions for process management and financial data analysis.

We are driven by great results

250 grupos economicos (1)
+5bi registros processados mensalmente (2)
100m divergencias identificadas mensalmente (1)

Revolutionize your financial processes with Dattos solutions!

Major players in the market use Dattos solutions to optimize their closing process and evolve data reconciliation practices.

With the Dattos Platform, it is possible to centralize your information securely and quickly.

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What's our

“Integrate people and data in order to optimize financial processes, promoting agility, reliability, and intelligence for real-time decision-making.”


What do we do here at Dattos?

“We are a financial analysis management and automation platform that ensures assertive decisions, being your source of reliable information.”

How do we do it?

Have a sense of ownership

We think and act like owners of the company, always seeking to go beyond our area of expertise to meet the defined objectives. Be more than a collaborator, feel like you own what you do.

Always be hungry

Our ambition is what drives us to fulfill our mission. How we define a champion mindset is not based on our performance and best days, but on how we react on the worst days. We hustle, we are creative, we overcome adversity, and we play with the goal of winning for the people we serve. Because it matters.

Success is more than satisfaction

We want to be strategic partners for our customers, understanding their goals, responsibilities and actively participating through our solutions to achieve the success of their operations.

Always strive for agility

The maxim of agile is simple and straightforward: achieve results as quickly as possible. Adaptation is closely linked to evolution. Keep in mind that mistakes and successes are part of the process and we need to learn from them. Be prepared to shift paradigms and evolve.

We are all one

We believe that, in order to enable the exchange of knowledge and co-creation between team members and different teams, it is essential to value transparency in relation to the objectives, strategies and results obtained. Information should be available to everyone and employees should be encouraged to share their ideas and opinions.

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