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Ensure the management of the receipt and control of your sales made in multiple payment methods

The lack of transparency and management of the amounts received, as well as the lack of control of sales made in multiple means of payment, can lead to an inaccurate cash flow, without future forecasts and with incomplete financial management.

We highlight the main problems you can discover if the control and management of your sales made through multiple payment methods is incorrect - and how Dattos can solve them.

Get to know the Dattos Platform

Dattos is ideal for companies that have:

time management

Structured financial back-office

cloud computing 2

High monthly transaction volume


Need for customized processes

task 2

Integration between multiple data sources


Use of multiple payment methods

Trust your data using Dattos

Fluxo de controle de vendas com a solução Dattos para múltiplos meios de pagamentos
Falta de controle sobre as vendas realizadas

Lack of precision in the control of sales of multiple payment methods

Offering multiple payment methods such as cards, bank slips, pix, cash, bank transfer – among others – to consumers is, today, a necessity for commercial survival.

Validate the complete flow of all your transactions – from sales to banking domicile (your bank account) with our Dattos solution. Here are some examples of validations you can perform:

  • Sales Reconciliation
    – Customer’s internal system (ERP or POS) vs. Acquirer’s Report
  • Payment Reconciliation
    – Expected by Acquirer vs. Confirmation by Acquirer
  • Bank Reconciliation
    – Acquirer Confirmation x Bank Statement
In addition to these validations, you can create your reconciliation processes tailored to your needs.

Uncontrolled Cash Flow and Future Forecasts

With the lack of management and control of your transactions carried out in multiple payment methods, the inaccuracy of your cash flow can cause financial loss of control and irreparable damage in the long run.

You can take back control of your cash flow and have management and visibility through an automated and daily updated schedule to control receivables.

We give you an automated and completely customized cash flow, with visibility of your transactions in one place!

Problemas com previsão sobre o fluxo de caixa
Falta de controle sobre as taxas acordada com as operadoras

Improperly Charged Fees

Validating compliance with the contracted rates correctly is an ongoing process that must be carried out periodically. In some cases, third parties/acquirers/operators discount fees from receivables incorrectly and this can impact cash flow.

With the Dattos Platform, you are guaranteed to use the best contracted rate x practiced by everyone involved in the transactional process (operators, brands, acquirers and banks).

Our solution has native integration with the main players in the market:

  • Marketplaces
  • Acquirers/Operators (GetNet, Cielo, Rede, Stone, PagSeguro and others)
  • Payment Systems
  • E Commerces

Have control over the amounts of fees and transaction costs of the payment methods.

  • Reconciliation of payments and correct forecast of the net amount to be received
  • Complete view of the dates of receipt of the amounts to be received

Lack of control of undue chargebacks, anticipations and fees

Verification and control of cancellations and chargebacks is a laborious activity and must be constantly carried out.

Gain full control of your company’s movements and the acquirer’s and operators’ data in a transparent and assertive way.

  • Manage all your receivables and keep track of all the adjustments that have been made to the payment forecasts.
Confusão e falta de controle sobre estornos, chargebacks e problemas com antecipações
Descontrole financeiro para controlar as diversas formas de pagamentos

Lack of financial control in operations with multiple establishments

The financial management of several establishments and stores, for example, with multiple means of payment, can also lead to several holes in financial accounting.

  • Our platform helps you have complete control and visibility over each operation, store or establishment, in an assertive and secure way.

Trust your accounting data

Conferencing large volumes of transactional data can be labor-intensive and prone to human error.

Get a financial and accounting
reconciliation automation
solution that processes high volumes of data without losing any information along the way.

✅ Reconcile more than 100K transactions per month

✅ Centralize the financial control of your most diverse sales channels (cards, marketplace, PIX)

✅ Integrate the platform with accounting and tax departments

meios de pagamento

What can the Dattos Platform do for you?

The Dattos Platform is a complete solution that combines accounting and financial closing management and process automation and reconciliations. We have – in addition to the functions mentioned – an ideal solution for companies that deal with multiple payment methods: Dattos MP™.

With the Dattos Platform you can:

With the Dattos Platform, your sales control of multiple payment methods becomes transparent, visible and controlled!


Manage multiple payment methods

Mão segurando uma moeda

Control 100% of your receivables

Lupa buscando dados

Have a complete view of your Cash Flow

business goals

Consolidate the vision of all your branches

data match

Perform custom matches


Integrate with multiple systems

Arquivo com uma Lupa

Control anticipations and chargebacks


Analyze Integrated Systems Rates