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Controller: evolve the management and standardization of your data

Learn about Dattos technology for automating the preparation of structured and parameterized data

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How we support the controllership department

The controllership manager’s main duties are to ensure the company’s financial and budgetary planning and control, delivering strategic management information for decision-making. We know that, in your routine, you suffer from:

  • Delay in the delivery of the accounting closing and release of data for analysis;
  • Difficulty in obtaining standardized data for the composition of the analyses;
  • Lack of robust data processing and analysis tools;
  • Insecurity regarding the reported data.

Talk to our team of experts and understand how Dattos can help you with these challenges!

Time de controladoria

Ensure correctness of information and processes

With Dattos technology, you can integrate and analyze information from multiple sources and file formats in an automated and standardized way. Create complete data preparation flows and save them in quick-view filters.

data match

Balance sheets


Balance sheet


Income Statements


Extra-Accounting Reports

cloud computing

Excel files, CSV, TXT, XML, PDFs, REST APIs, Databases, etc.


And much more!

Avoid procedural failures, ensure the financial health of the company

Dattos technology helps your controllership:

  • Ensure quality of information even with large volumes of data;
  • Reduce manual and procedural risks in your routine;
  • Make management reports more assertive;
  • Streamline the processes of closing and releasing data for analysis;

Start the digital transformation of your
controllership department.

Tecnologia para controladoria

Transform your processes, trust your data. Learn about the benefits of Dattos technology for controllership!