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Master financial formulas and functions in Excel and evolve to automation

Learn about the mandatory resources for every professional who works with financial, accounting and tax data analysis.

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Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet tool in the world and has more than 40 years of history, evolving its functionalities to support the daily lives of data professionals.

The demand for increasingly accurate and strategic analysis in financial operations of companies is already a reality and teams need to be prepared. Mastering the financial formulas and functions in Excel is the first step.

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What you'll find in this guide


Advantages and Importance of Financial Functions in Excel


Top Excel Functions for a Finance Routine


Tip for evolving formulas in spreadsheets for automation

The volume of data from large enterprises is growing by 63% per month. Be agile, master the formulas and evolve to automation!

Access this guide and stay up to date: the market and data don’t wait.

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