Saiba mais sobre como se adequar à norma IFRS16 com a nossa tecnologia que automatiza sua Apuração de Leasing!

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Financial Automation Roadmap: How to Implement

Visualize, in a summarized and strategic mind map, the main steps to automate your financial operation.

Why Talk About Financial Automation

Do you know those processes of collecting, compiling, organizing, cleaning and transforming raw information into data ready for analysis that are usually done in Excel spreadsheets, manually?


of the finance department's resources are spent on manual processes


Hours per year are spent on spreadsheet creation and rework

Source: EY Survey and IDC Data and Analytics in aDigital-First World

The data also shows that about 30 to 40% of the time of financial professionals can be reduced with process automation. Download this roadmap with the step-by-step instructions for implementation and change your reality!

What you'll find in this quick guide

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Market Figures That Reinforce the Importance of Automation

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5 Steps to Put Financial Automation into Practice

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Tips on what to do at each stage to achieve success

Do you want to redirect more than 40% of your finance team's effort to higher value-added activities?

Access this quick guide with a step-by-step guide on how to implement financial automation in your operation.