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Data Infrastructure & Security

Your information is always safe in the cloud

Dattos follows the best practices in data security management, infrastructure and software development such as ISO 27001 and OWASP. We work with systems and infrastructure from the best providers in the market such as Microsoft and Amazon Web Services.

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Secure Storage

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Direct import from ERPs and Databases


Access Hierarchy

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State-of-the-art encryption for data security

The servers managed by Dattos have full disk encryption, using 256-bit AES encryption, the same standard used by financial institutions and governments for sensitive data and secret documents.

Communications are encrypted using the TLS protocol and our servers are not accessible via the internet. VPN options and other security mechanisms can also be additionally contracted during trading.

Infrastructure and data segregation

Dattos proposals offer several options for segregating information at the infrastructure level, from the option of one database per customer, to fully dedicated and isolated servers for each company.

Dattos ensures that it is impossible for your information to be mixed with that of other customers.

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Access controls and user privacy management

Dattos allows you to create and manage user access permissions on screens and areas of the platform, as well as what information users can see and update,  for greater security and segregation between processes, employees, departments and information sources.

The platform enables authentication integration with enterprise SSO options such as SAML 2.0 and LDAP.

History of actions and auditing

The actions, views, and configurations performed by users are recorded at all times in an audit log, bringing transparency and security to your processes.

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Business continuity and data backup guarantees

The servers managed by Dattos have backup and restore routines, aiming to offer greater security and agility for the resumption of processes in case of a critical event.

Have a platform that values trust and respect

Dattos is used by companies from the most diverse sectors, such as industry, services and financial institutions, with strict information security and financial audit protocols.

We know the risks and insecurities that exist within organizations regarding cloud-hosted solutions and work to provide the most complete, agile and secure SaaS experience for our customers.

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