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M. Dias Branco: how the Personnel Department reduced the closure of INSS processes by 75%

Security in the calculation of values and correct payment to employees

About M. Dias Branco

With seven decades of existence,  M. Dias Branco, which was born from a dream, has become a national leader in pasta and biscuits, with the mission of feeding and inspiring people, turning dreams into reality. The company has a wide portfolio of products, such as wheat and rice biscuits, wheat and corn pasta, wheat flours and brans, snacks and cake mixes. M. Dias Branco has 18 industries and industrial complexes. Plus more 28 distribution centers strategically located in different states, enabling the presence of its 20 brands throughout the national territory and support for exports to more than 40 countries. It is a publicly traded company, with shares listed on the São Paulo Stock Exchange (B3) since 2006, in the Novo Mercado segment.

The Customer’s Goal

M. Dias Branco’s Personnel Administration is responsible for the conference of payroll funds and management of benefits for more than 17 thousand employees, distributed in more than 30 branches throughout Brazil.Thus, M. Dias Branco faced challenges with large volumes of data to carry out manual verification of funds payroll and benefits. The company’s goal was to Perform with assertiveness and optimize the process of reconciling benefits (medical and dental care, food basket, transportation vouchers, etc.), Ensuring the Right Inputs on the payroll of employees, and Submission of information to the Comptroller’s Office in a nutshell, to continue with the accounting closing.

The Challenges

prazo apertado

Short lead times

The entries of invoices, as well as the input of benefit funds in the employees’ payroll, take place in the current competence. That way, the deadline is too short to meet the schedule.

trabalho manual

Lots of manual work

Countless spreadsheets reconciled one by one to do the validation of payroll vs invoices. It was necessary to be very careful with the exposure of sensitive employee data.


High volume of data

Due to the large volume of data, particularities and diversity of benefits, it was extremely difficult to obtain information.

Our Solution

Working with a variety of information and data at the same time, combined with a Quick pointing out of divergences and reports, was an immediate necessity for the routine of M. Dias Branco’s personnel department, which made our business team outline a strategy that involved all these needs. Therefore, our solution was to create Focused on each type of benefit, bringing a view for each branch of the group, and a cover of reconciliation of funds that centralizes all information and generates the final report necessary for analysis. Today, M. Dias Branco already has 10 processes implemented in the Dattos Platform, optimizing the standardization of information and enabling end-to-end process management — all thanks to a centralized view.

Processes managed by Dattos technology

The Results

agilidade na entrega

INSS process used to take 1 or 2 days to complete and validate manual, today it takes half a day

gestao automatizada (2)

Optimized the standardization of information

relatorios (3)

Centralized information on the cover, making it easier to check and speed up the process

concilacoes (3)

In conciliations, the branch took up to 4 days and the head office reviewed it in another week. Today, it lasts a maximum of 3 days

processos (1)

Insight by process flow, routine management, and end-to-end activities

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