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Multinational industry swaps Excel for data analysis automation

Find out how the company reduced its total time spent reconciling large volumes of data by 75%

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About the company

This is the success story of one of the most renowned companies in technology and innovation, in the segments of graphics, optics and medical equipment. The multinational, with more than 12 factories around the world, deals with high complexity and large volumes of data in finance-related processes.

Faced with this complexity and diversification of its business, but also with a lean team, the company sought to increase its efficiency and accuracy, but faced the challenge of manual data management.

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The Customer’s Goal

The main objectives of this company were to organize the management of its data and centralize analyses to optimize its processes. After all, there were multiple manual processes being carried out in Excel spreadsheets, which added some insecurity about the quality of the data.

In addition, the manual process made everything much slower, presenting delays in accounting closings and inefficiency in collections and analysis of accounts. It was urgent to adopt a solution that would support the automation of these processes, allowing teams to focus on more strategic activities, and that’s when they found Dattos.

The Challenges

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Excessive time spent on spreadsheet formatting, not analysis

The company’s finance professionals acted only as data preparers and didn’t have time to be analytical and strategic.

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Pending collections and disorganization

The lack of a standardized and automated process created a scenario of loss or confusion of information, in addition to the non-follow-up of activities and those responsible.

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Process review for optimization

It was necessary to review the internal processes of the finance team for optimization, but the professionals were overloaded and could not look at it.

Our Solution

The first step in understanding the team of Dattos experts was to promote an integration and modification in the industry’s processes . To do this, it was necessary to pass strict criteria to adapt the platform to the company’s specific business rules .

The The data reconciliation automation platform offered has replaced manual methods with an effective and reliable system. The solution enabled the team to be able to handle large volumes of data and be able to dedicate their hours to more strategic activities, while at the same time It has improved the efficiency and reliability of the business.

Today, the company performs reconciliations in a more agile manner, and has also achieved greater efficiency in the monitoring of pending issues with the centralization and governance of financial information. In this way, it understands that an accounting professional is also a data generator and analyst, capable of making decisions based on reliable numbers and in real time.

The Results

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75% reduction in reconciliation preparation time

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Simplified reprocessing capability

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Elimination of repetitive manual processes

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