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Template Gallery: The Power of #ComunidadeDattos

Dive into our community and access, adapt, and share templates for financial data preparation and analysis to speed up your processes and routines.

Knowledge Sharing

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Expert support and guidance

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Continuous evolution with new templates

Collaborative community in the template gallery

The template gallery is a collaborative library of templates focused on data preparation and analysis that is adaptable to the departments where it is needed. Reduce time with repetitive manual activities and gain agility in the operation

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Data Preparation Models

Perform information input, take files from databases and process this data.

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Analysis Models

Provide comparative, proof, tabular analysis and other ways of analyzing data.

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Provide templates adapted to the content formats of the files and the composition of the data file structure;

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Financial Statements

Access ready-made templates of the format you want to create, adaptable according to the company’s needs.

Can’t find the template you use?

Our platform allows you to create and adapt any template from scratch!

Practical technology, tangible results with Dattos

Understand, in practice, how the Dattos platform can transform your challenge into a solution, regardless of the volume of data or the variety of sources and formats for analysis.



Compile multiple data sources and formats in an intuitive way and visualize them in clear, structured tables. Save valuable time and effort on data preparation.



With our technology, securely validate over 1 million spreadsheet rows. Be confident in the accuracy and consistency of your data.



Centralize the process of accounting reconciliation and proof of balances with Dattos. Keep all your accounting processes in one place for better management and visibility.