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Recorded Webinar

SSC: How Automating Activities Can Reduce Costs and Evolve Your Strategies

Understand how to use technology to your advantage to automate processes in the SSC and reduce operating costs.

Leave repetitive and manual processes in the past: technology as an ally of SSCs

Shared Services Centers (SSCs) are business units within companies that centralize large amounts of information and are responsible for bureaucratic tasks, but they need to stop being seen only that way.

It is thanks to the SSC that all other units of your business are able to focus on your core business, directing transactional activities to those who understand them the most. To show how new activity automation technologies can help your operation reduce costs and gain efficiency, this webinar talks about:

Guest Expert

especialista christian walter

Christian Walter
CSC | Shared Services | CSM

Christian Walter, who will be in charge of our chat, is a former auditor at PwC, with 10 years of experience managing financial areas in multinationals, including SSC leadership and, currently, CSM at Dattos.

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