Saiba mais sobre como se adequar à norma IFRS16 com a nossa tecnologia que automatiza sua Apuração de Leasing!

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Do you want to reduce costs in the finance function with SSC?

In this kit, you will find 5 exclusive contents to further specialize in the Shared Services Centers market, learn about all its benefits and ways to reduce costs in the finance operation.

What you'll find in this quick guide


Automation of activities in the SSC

Learn how the Shared Service Centers model can be your ally in automating transactional activities.


All About Shared Services Centers

See, in this infographic, a compilation of information and market data, all on one page for a quick and efficient reading.


2024 Budget and Cost Reduction

Find out how the SSC model can transform your budget by reducing costs in the financial operation.


Data-driven financial management with SSC

A complete guide to best practices on how to use data in your financial management by specializing the operation in a SSC.


COFCO transformed SSC with technology

See how the multinational COFCO used Dattos technology to improve processes and reduce closing time in its SSC.

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Automated reconciliations in the SSC

Learn about the success story of the Veneaz Group’s SSC, which has automated more than 80% of its reconciliations with the Dattos platform.

Do you want to have a complete kit of content to learn and share the best market practices on SSC?