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Ensure the integrity and validation of financial data that flows between tax and accounting teams

Have control and transparency of the financial information that transits between the tax department and accounting. Reconcile and validate all records of your financial information during tax assessment:

Find out how to solve the main problems that may arise during your tax calculations and ensure the assertiveness of the information.

Get to know the Dattos Platform

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Eliminate data divergence caused by the use of different tax controls


Never have inaccurate and insecure information security reports again


Exclude manual records from your processes, avoiding failures


Automatically reconcile multiple taxes

Dattos is ideal for companies that have:

time management

Backoffice with structured and internalized departments


Large-scale companies


Enterprises with information management complexity

With Dattos you can:

Fluxo de conciliação Fiscal

Difficulty reconciling multiple taxes

The complexity and quantity of taxes that are levied in Brazil, of course, is a headache for large companies. The controls of these taxes need attention so that correct calculations can be made. And this is made worse when conciliation requires particularities in its processes.

Dattos is a complete solution, it guarantees that all your Tax Reconciliations – even the most complex ones – will be in accordance with your business needs, adapting to any type of reconciliation, such as:

Reconciliation of direct and indirect taxes

➔ Reconciliation of withholding taxes

Problems reconciling high volumes of data

The high volume of data during tax assessment processes and accounting validations can generate time-consuming and complex processes, in addition to increasing exposure to the risk of errors arising from manual processes and tax problems.

With the Dattos Fiscal solution, tax and accounting teams can process millions of records to validate information, opening and investigating line by line all reconciled, divergent, or unreconciled items. In addition, the solution offers data handling for a large amount of information, detailing even the most complex tax processes.

➔ Millions of records
➔+ 800 million records processed per month
➔ Automation of large data reconciliations in a few minutes


Lack of control between tax collections and credits

Large companies are not able to control – in an assertive way – all the collections of taxes due, generating fines and interest.

Dattos ensures that all tax collection controls are correct thanks to the reconciliation and validation processes of the incoming and outgoing tax books ascertained, even helping to recover some credits that in the past had erroneous payments.

Difficulty in knowing if the accounting is in accordance with the tax support files

The need to ensure that accounting is in accordance with tax information is almost always a problem in large companies. This is because processes are done manually and by departments that rarely talk to each other, generating:

➔ Loss of important data along the way
➔ Errors caused by incorrect
manual postings
➔ Integration issues between internal
➔ Erroneous information for tax assessment

The Dattos Fiscal solution has the answer to all these problems through a single platform, which ensures the governance and integrity of all tax and accounting information through reconciliations:

● Reconciliation and validation of tax rates and calculation
● ERP Fiscal Book Reconciliation X Fiscal Book of Calculation
● Reconciliation of Entry Books X Accounting
● Reconciliation of Output Books X Ledger


Centralize and completely manage your tax/accounting closing!

The excess of manual controls and decentralized account management can bring a very large deficit when we talk about the visibility and control of processes within the accounting closing.

With Dattos you
take back control of the management of your accounting close

✅ Standardization and centralization of balance compositions

✅ Real-time monitoring of the evolution of your closure

✅ Indication of necessary adjustments in the compositions of account balances

✅ Account Approvals Workflow

With the Dattos platform, your accounting closing process will be more secure, agile, standardized, and audit-ready!

Ilustração da tela de Reconciliação da Plataforma Dattos

What can Dattos do for you?

The Dattos Platform is a complete solution that combines accounting closing management and the automation of processes and reconciliations.

In addition, the Dattos knows the pains of manual and unassertive processes. That’s why we developed Dattos Recon™, a solution that empowers large companies to process critical reconciliations with large volumes of tax and accounting data.

With the Dattos Platform you can:

With the Dattos platform, you optimize your time and ensure the quality and integrity of your tax data by automating the reconciliation process.


Avoid undue taxes and audit points


Ensure the integrity of your tax data


Perform reconciliations with speed and assertiveness


Reconcile large volumes of data securely


Automatically import data from ERPs


Organize, investigate, and justify their disagreements


Avoid delays in your processes due to manual errors


Analyze reconciled data with simplified filters

With the Dattos platform, you optimize your time and ensure the quality and integrity of your tax data by automating the reconciliation process.